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Locate their place, navigate distance, and explore their social media. Places are designed with clickable links to Google Maps + Instagram.

Explore E-Book


Imagine you're stepping off the plane, and the sun starts wrapping around you like a warm, welcoming hug. Your mind races with anticipation but also with questions. Where should I go to eat? What go-to spots shouldn't I miss?

Now, what if you had a trusted friend in your pocket to answer your desire to explore?

Your local guide, in your pocket.

This e- takes you far beyond the worn-out tourist traps to the real gems only locals know about. The guide is a collection of insider tips and cherished secrets that redefine what it means to 'travel like a local.'

Elevate Your Travel Experience

Why leave your once-in-a-lifetime trip to chance? This e-book ensures that every spot, visit, and experience is worth your time and adds a magic touch to your journey.

Support Local and Small Business

By centering local businesses in our recommendations, we’re helping sustain the very soul of these unique places. This book mainly caters to local and small businesses.

A Trustworthy Companion

In a sea of online lists and questionable reviews, we hope this ebook can verify your needs. Our eBook isn't just a one-time read; you can visit and revisit anytime. One guide, countless adventures.

  • Icho. Entrepreneur.

    I've already got several E-books from Fridericiana, like the ones for Central Jakarta and South Jakarta. As a newcomer to Jakarta, these E-books have been a tremendous help in discovering places in the city. One suggestion would be to include more features, estimated pricing, and accessibility details for public transportation.

  • Arie Marsya. Bank Workers.

    Nowadays, there are so many new places in Jakarta and Bandung. It can be quite overwhelming to decide where to go quickly. In this E-book, the places are categorized, depending on your needs. I'm not really into following current trends, but this E-book helps me discover places worth visiting.

  • Qemhal. Hustlers - Fresh Graduate.

    Bbeen living in Jakarta for a long time, but a few years ago, I had to leave Jakarta for quite some time to complete my education. When I returned to Jakarta, I no longer knew the places I could visit - for meetings, leisure, hanging out, or even for lunch. This E-book my game-changer as a travel guide.

Central Jakarta: What's Inside?