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Canggu, unwrapped: 150+ Curated Ideas

Canggu, unwrapped: 150+ Curated Ideas

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Picture this: you've got surfers catching waves in the morning and remote workers filling cafes by noon. It's like a global village right on Bali's shores. You can grab an amazing local meal at a tiny warung one minute and then find yourself sipping cold brew in a hip café the next—it's a vibe like no other. Canggu is where Bali's soulful traditions and the world's modern beats hang out together, offering you a travel experience that's as diverse as your playlist.  This e-book is dedicated for you to start exploring the beauty of Canggu & the stories behind each place. Be curious. Not everything is mentioned here and the area will continue to grow. One thing for sure, get ready to feel inspired.♡

This book curates 150+ places and experiences you can explore in Canggu (& a glimpse of Pererenan and Tibubeneng). I made it with a clickable link directly to the place’s Instagram and Google Maps for directions.

What’s inside: Cafe, Restaurant, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Local Cuisine, Warung, Healthy Food, Vegan-Vegetarian, Bakeries, Sweets & Desserts, Beach Club, Cocktail, Beer, Wine, Club, Workshops & Experiences, Beach & Sightseeing, Gym, Yoga, Wellness, Kids & Family Activities.

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