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South Jakarta, the go-getter: 200+ Curated Ideas

South Jakarta, the go-getter: 200+ Curated Ideas

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Jakarta, the city of opportunities. A home for some, a hiding place for some, and a leap of faith for some. Nevertheless – the people, the experience, the mix of culture makes it extra interesting. From local legends to the latest trend of go-to spots in Jakarta. This place is the playground for Jakarta's trendsetters and go-getters. Imagine a neighborhood where most corners are visually pleasing—yeah, that’s South Jakarta for you. From chic rooftop bars serving craft cocktails to edgy art galleries that'll spice up your feed, it’s where style meets substance. Foodies, prepare to be overwhelmed, in a good way! We're talking cafes, fine gelato, and local legends.

This book curates 200+ places and experiences you can explore in Jakarta Selatan. I made it with a clickable link directly to the place’s Instagram and Google Maps for directions.

What’s Inside: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner, Fine Dining, Local Legends + Street Food, Sweets, Ice Cream, & Gelato, Cafes, Indoor Smoking Cafe, Meeting Place, Date Ideas, Art Spaces, Photo Booth, Bar & Drinks, Sightseeing & Park, Salon & Beauty Spa.

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